Taz 6 Build Log

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on the forums because I’ve been busy with other projects but I decided it was time
to finally upgrade my 3d printer. I’m going to be building a Taz 6/Nutmeg and will post pictures of the project along
with videos to my youtube channel. To start off the build I decided to CNC all of the aluminum plates and electrical enclosure.
You can follow me on Instagram to see more pictures that I’ll be uploading later today- https://www.Instagram.com/TechsavvyCNC
Here’s a video of the Y Axis Plates be machined:

Looks nice!

Any chance you want to sell a set of the corner brackets in aluminum?

Yes I’d be willing to sell a set of corner brackets. I’ll send you a PM.

It’s been a couple weeks but my Custom built Taz 6 is done. Here’s some pictures of the machined parts powder coated and the electronics enclosure machined and bent.

Here’s pictures of the printer assembled. For some reason some of the pictures are rotated but if you click on them to enlarge them they will be rotated the right way. I uploaded all of these images plus more to my imagur account. You can view them here: http://techsavvycnc.imgur.com/

I also plan on uploading videos to my youtube page. You can check out the videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR9Vyh0E2HB64vWezmMJ1YQ

Once they are uploaded.

wow, that turned out great!

Have you figured out what the magic silver button does yet?

The “Magic Silver Button” is the Z Min switch. The nozzle pushes the button down. My best guess as to why Lulzbot use’s this instead of a Z Max Switch like on the Mini is the Taz has almost double the travel. I also think that with this Z Min switch you could implement some sort of G29 protection into Marlin. I know people had problems with the nozzle being dirty on the Mini and when running the probe routine it would drive the nozzle into the leveling washer and not stop. The silver switch sits at the same height as the bed leveling washers but has about a 1-2mm of play before it activates. This leads me to believe that if the nozzle was dirty and couldn’t make a electrical connection with the washer it would stop when it reaches Z0.

I’ll post a video off the Probing process either today or tomorrow so you can see it in action.

Here’s a video showing the probing sequence on my custom built Taz 6.


Here’s a link to the video incase embedding doesn’t work.

for embedding, you have to take the s off the https:\ part and use the shorter path like this:


Edit: removed video since we don’t need two on top of eachother now heh.

Alright thanks Piercet.

Techsavvy, would you sell 2ea TAZ 6 aluminum bed mounting plate?