Taz 3 Z-Axis moves wrong direction.

I just got done putting my TAZ 3 together and when I manually move the z axis in prontrface it moves the wrong way. If I press +10 it moves the x carriage down. Is this correct or should i reverse the wiring for the stepper motors? Thanks

Is this one you built yourself? If so, power down the printer, unplug from the wall and reverse the connector orientation to test. You can also change the Z axis movement direction in the firmware. What are your printer specs if this is your personal build?

yes it is one I built myself. I wired all the motors the same way. I’ll try reversing the z axis motors and see if that works.

Make sure you do so with the printer powered down, to keep from blowing any stepper drivers. Have any pics of your build posted yet?

I got it figured out. Thanks for the help. Here’s a picture of my taz that I built. The only thing missing is the lcd.

What Z screws are you using on that one? They look like a larger diameter part than stock.

Wow, that looks like a very good clone.

Thanks Jebba. Their the stock M6 threaded rods but i’m thinking of upgrading them to a bigger diameter for dual extruding.