TAZ 6 Dual extruder first head dragging in print, causing scratches

Got our dual extruder set up and printing well, as long as the print is small, or using only T0 (first extruder).

We are using ABS (240 filament, 110 bed temps). Which worked on the single head extruder as well as head 1 of the dual extruder.

When the print is large, getting the T0 (first head) scratching the print. Looking for help.

We level the two heads, and small prints it looks fine.
If we print with a single head (first one) everything goes well. It is just when going with the 2 heads.

Looking at the Z offsets (from the automated process), it looks like the right side is 1mm lower than the left side (looking at the front of the TAZ). The readings from the attached photo are front left, front right, back right, back left. You can see the two right side z axis are 1.2 to 1.3 lower.

I wouldn’t think that would cause the scraping, since they are in line.

The top of the print (towards the back) adheres well, though we are have been having feed problems with T1 (front extruder). It doesn’t seem lower as shown in the z measurements.

We took off the heated plate, looked under the plate, nothing is throwing it off.

Any help would be great. When printing small Y items, near the middle to back of the tray it seems to work fine. Seems to be the front of the plate (towards user).

Thank you