Taz 6 Dual Extrusion problems


Installed the V2 Dual Extruder on my Taz6 and I’ve not had a successful print yet. My nozzles are exactly level. I use a feeler gauge and each nozzle is exactly .1mm from the bed. The rear nozzle seems to print alright, but the front is all janky and rough.

I’ve set my x,y offsets, I think I’m ok there.

If i let the printer keep running eventually the front nozzle gets clogged and I end up doing cold pulls to get things flowing again. Any ideas?

I attached a pic of ugly rough print.

Raise the front nozzle another half turn of the leveling screw…

Thank you for the suggestion. I tried raising the nozzle. and I re-leveled the nozzles several times. I can print with the front nozzle just fine if I don’t try to use both nozzles simultaneously. Meaning, no 2-color prints. I’ve also try adjusting my retraction settings and increasing temperature to 210. No effect.

I even printed overhead filament brackets and deleted the guide tube.

what else can I try?