TAZ 6 DualExtv2 - Heating Failed E0, PRINTER HALTED

Hello. :slight_smile:

We just purchased a new LulzBot TAZ 6 and are using it with a Dual Extruder v2.
We have done about 2 dozen test prints so far and at least 6 times now the job stops with this error on the display:

Heating Failed E0
Please Reset

At this point the job is ruined and the printer must be powered off and on again.

It always seems to be E0, the extruder at the back, not E1 in front.
Perhaps I should test jobs using just E1 to see if it occurs only in E0.

I’ve searched the forum for similar issues but do not see it discussed.
I’m wondering if this is common…or a sign of a bad extruder part. It is brand new and i’ve never used a LulzBot before, just MakerBot Rep2’s for the past 3 years.
We had this issue with the initial ABS piece provided by LulzBot for the printer setup when unboxing, and with MakerBot PLA.


Just reposting an image that the forum deleted from my original post:

Did you ever find the cause of this problem? I have recently experienced this issue (3 times) with a brand new MOAR print head that was installed on a new printer (only printed two prints).

No I haven’t. We are awaiting an order of plastic to retest. I was using plastic that was too small in diameter and caused a clog…which we’ve since removed. However I need to wait until our new plastic arrives in order to do more tests for the heat issue. If it still occurs, we will remove the dual head and put on the original single head extruder and retest. Hopefully this will be done within the next two weeks.

It sounds like it could be a problem with the thermistor or heater cartridge. If you have access to a digital multimeter, we can check the resistance measurements on the tool head to see if the thermistor or heater cartridge is bad. With the printer turned off and unplugged, disconnect the hot end from the wiring harness and test hot end for the proper resistance. The smaller black and red wires coming from the hot end are for the thermistor and should read ~100k ohms at room temperature. The larger red wires are connected to the heater cartridge and should read ~20 ohms.

Same problem with my taz6 and dualextv2.
Did you ever find out what the problem was.

Someone else in my large workplace had the same issue and said she found it as a “known issue” by Lulzbot, with no fix from them. (Taz 7 apparently has the issue resolved)
The basic workaround was something to do with an additional fan, and is only related to the Dual Extruder.
I’m not the person working directly on the problem so I do not have the specific details regarding the additional fan. However I found this which may be related: