This TAZ 6 Printing.. HELP with 0.35 Hot End please.


Bought this TAZ 6, and i’ve tried hundreds of things , read so many articles, tried diffrent PLA, tried diffrent slicers, layer thickness/temp, and the printer won’t print any good print like my Ultimakers do. How much i fiddle arround with this printer, its not making any “Good” print. The cylinder Z seam is terrible and i put some pictures up here how it’s printing square prints.
However, im totaly in love with this taz 6 and i think it can be a beast. i tried so much things even rebuild the printer, it was setup correctly and after rebuild it has the same problem. it blobs allot, not extruding in some places which leaves a sudden hole in my print.

so i think the 0.50 nozzle is destroyed. i’ve bought a 0.35 nozzle from lulzbot and going to install this. but the instructions says it’s not direclty compatible with the TAZ 6

Here’s the one i bought:

Can anyone tell me what’s not compatible and what i need to make it compatible for the TAZ6 ? it’s strange cause the details says it’s compatible.

This Photos are taken from a print, printed on Temp190 and the standard quality in lulzbot cura version.

The compatibility notice on the website is just because you will need to repin your connector to install the new hotend in your extruder. there are directions for completing this replacement here:
This looks like this may be an issue of retraction to me. Perhaps try reducing your retraction distance in Cura? This may be because the filament is not at the end of the nozzle when it goes to start extruding which is causing those small mars because it takes a second for the filament to reach end of nozzle.