Taz 6 H175 Tool head giving messy prints

We have been having recent issues with the H175 tool head for the Taz 6 machines. When printing the first layer there is some scrapping of the head on the filament, creating valleys and build up on the nozzle as it travels. It was also noted that when changing the filament mid-print that the tool head was having issues readjusting the nozzle temp, fluxing between 205c and 215c constantly when the temp needed to settle around 210c. We did a firmware reflash to see if it would solve some of these issues, mostly the temp issue and it seemed to help a little but not by much… there are still temp issues and the “too close to the bed” issue.

The closeness issue we tried adjusting the probe z offset settings on the machine, which helped a little but not much as there is still some digging into the filament layer when travelling. The head also stopped printing around the 2nd to 3rd layers. Tried switching the filament to see if it was a brand issue, and flipping around the tube to see if some how the filament was getting hit with friction at one of the ends.

We did manage to get a print to go but it’s riddled with issue that I’m not sure what might be the cause. I’m not sure if it’s something like over and under extrusion, or if something with the heating is going wonky

So what we have tried

  • re-flashing
  • adjusting probe z offset
  • restarting the machines
  • changing brand filament

We are still using Cura LE 3.6.37 and have not tried upgrading from that as I don’t think that would fix anything.

If anyone has any clue on what it could be, it would be appreciated.

It looks overextruded to me.

You said you’ve reflashed the firmware a few times, the easiest explanation is that after flashing you didn’t change the toolhead from the menu back to the H175, so the e-steps/mm is way too high. That would also account for temp fluctuation, since your PID settings got reset as well. Any changes to your Z offset would be wiped out with a reflash too.

Ah I forgot about having to actually select the print head in the machine itself. That would explain the over extrusion (the orange test octopus on my all that had the same issue a long while back is laughing at me now).

Did another flash to try to reset the z offset but it seems like it didn’t so had to go and manually change that to a more reasonable range. Thanks for pointing out about the over looked setting!