Taz5 Dual V2 issue - Could it be firmware ?


Got my Taz5 Dual V2 in about 3 weeks ago (dynamism UK) and after installing I noticed some issues.
It hangs forward very much. I had to put extra washers in the front head for it to be on the same Z level as the back.
I must have needed a full 3 mm. That was to be overcome.
It was printing fine, only did some small stuff.

But now, I cannot print anything anymore without it going wrong.

  • The display on the printer itself is not displaying correctly. Like its got the wrong resolution settings.
    If I go into the menu and change temp on the front ext (for example) I see the word temp on the left bottom corner but the value half on the right top corner.
  • Extruder temp on the back extruder cannot reach higher then 212 degrees, even though in menu I select 230

Doing a single filament print

  • Front extruder : after about a layer or 3 (1.5 hours) , the front extruder wheel stops turning. The program continues but no filament is coming out (3 reprints same issue)
  • Back extruder: After 4 layers (further then the front extruder at least) , it goes bananas , starts full travel speed X axis, slams through Home and starts grinding like nuts

Never had a single issue when running the single head for over 500+ hours in the last months

Got a major deadline coming up so need any advise here!


Is this normal?

Try to reflash the FW with cura, there is something wrong I think. Then load the FW defaults by sending the command M502, followed by M500 to store them to EEPROM. Now power cycle your TAZ and see if it works again.

Cool stuff!
I will try that asap!

Yeah… I’d reflash. My LCD looks fine / normal after flashing the Dual Extruder V2 firmware. Use Cura to flash the firmware.

trying to reflash yesterday.
Cura 18.03
Change head, flash firmware.
I get an ok but the next box doesnt light up.
Only way out is to cancel upgrade

Went back to single head, flash firmware.
The same behaviour.

Did the command as was suggested. That worked. Havent seen the display issue yet but maybe thats because i havent leveled my bed yet and printed something.