Taz 6 is retracting more filament than specified

During the auto leveling process, I have the gcode retract 2 mm to clean the nozzle. I’m using the same test print on 6 Taz 6’s, and some of them are pulling the filament entirely out of the extruder without stopping. Some printers work just fine, pulling out the specified amount. I’ve tried resetting to factory settings, but they just keep pulling the filament all the way out. None of this makes sense to me at this point. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Make sure you have set relative extruder mode (M83) before retracting 2mm of filament. If you are in absolute extruder mode (M82), G1 E-2.0 will move the filament from its current value to the value of -2.0 which could be a lot of filament.

G90 and G91 set absolute or relative mode for all X, Y, Z, and E but M82, M83 only change the absolute or relative mode of E.

You could also set the value of E with a G92 E command (i.e. the sequence G92 E0, G1 E-2.0) will retract 2mm of filament in either absolute or relative mode).

Thank you so much. That was the problem.