Taz 6 No power / Broken

Unfortunately a couple of months ago we started getting issues with the printer and it then proceeded to no longer power on at all. I have tried alot of different possible solutions such as installing a new rambo motherboard, new power cables, new fuses and had no luck. I was then trying a new main power cable socket instead of the original and as I turned it on something blew in the printer case and I could smell electrical burning.

I feel as though this would have definitely broken a main part of the printer but was not 100% sure what exactly.

Was wondering if anyone could help out in any way, suggestion, feedback, what parts would need to be replaced, next steps on trying to get this printer up and running again.

Any help would be amazing and would help out a lot as I am not too experienced with the inner hardware of a 3D printer.

Thanks! :grinning:

You didn’t mention the actual power supply. You can test this with a multimeter.

Which points of the actual power supply would I need to have contact with the multimetre to get a reading?

Is there a good chance that the actual power supply could of blown?


The power supply converts the AC power into the DC power required by the electronics. In the TAZ 6, the power supply is located under the cover on the left side of the printer. There are about a dozen screws that hold that cover on.

From your original post, you indicated that you have installed a new rambo motherboard, new power cables, and new fuses. I inferred from this that you know your way around the guts of a 3D printer and that checking the voltage on the power supply would be a simple task for you.

From your last post, I see I was wrong. Yes, there is a chance that the actual power supply has gone bad, but I am hesitant to provide further instructions because a mistake could be disastrous.

Hi b-morgan. I will unscrew the cover of the power supply and check the internals. I am not to familiar with my way around the actual power supply unit and was just wondering what exact wire or part of the power supply I would need to touch with the two multimeter prongs to check for a voltage reading. Sorry am not to sure about the power supply layout and want to make sure it done correctly.


Have a look at https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/taz6-control-box-assembly/taz-6/. Output +V to -V should be 24 volts (DC).

Not exactly sure on the input (AC)but N to L or N to ground and L to ground should measure your line voltage (110 or 220 depending on where you live).