Taz 6 PolyLite PLA Bumps on print

Hi Everyone. I am using the default setting for Polylite PLA and my prints now have bumps. The printer is a TAZ 6. The bumps appear as the print head pauses. The print head appears to pause in the middle of a layer rather than after a layer is complete. This appears to have happened suddenly. The print on the right was earlier this month and the print on the left is current bumps.

I appreciate any help.

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Are you printing via an SD card or USB through a computer?

Usually pausing during print movements is caused by a slow communication speed from whatever device is sending the movement commands.

If you are using an SD card, I would suggest formatting it and loading the file again. An overfilled SD card can slow down the communication process.

If printing via USB, ensure that you are getting adequate power to the USB port and that the computer is not going into a power save mode after some time. Try a different USB port/computer and see if you can find a different USB cable to try as well.

These are good starting points for determining the root cause of the issue.

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Hi! I am printing through a USB from a computer. I will try those suggestions. Thank you!

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I restarted the computer and that seemed to help.

Thank you for the suggestion to check the connection and computer!