My TAZ 2 occasionally pauses a while during prints

Hi everyone,

My TAZ 2 occasionally pauses while printing. The problem is that because nozzle head continues to extrude even when it’s pausing, the result of the print doesn’t look good. Is it normal?

Pausing isn’t normal. What slic3r setting configuration are you using? I know that sometimes when you run a bunch (read: 18) printers off an old laptop, sometimes it uses all the RAM and the compy can’t keep up. Running from the SD will solve this.

You might just need to increase your acceleration or jerk settings. Try 1500 mm/s for acceleration and 20 for jerk.

Thanks Rufu5! Yup I’m trying out now with an SD card now, I run it from pronterface and this software does occasionally hang as well.

A couple things can cause that in a computer. insufficient ram, general configuration unhappyness in a slow low core count computer, occaisonally USB port power issues. What are the general specifications of the computer you are using, and have you tried setting the power options to “high performance” under controll panel: power.

Howdy! I just got my first 3D printer,the TAZ 4, and am still learning a lot about getting it printing reliably. I’ve been able to print a couple small things but each time it prints it runs smoothly for a while, printing consistently for 20-30 minutes and then it pauses. thinks for a while, I haven’t timed it yet but it seems to stop for 15+ minutes at a time, then sometimes it picks back up for a few minutes and pauses again. Right now I’m printing off a macbook pro w/ 8gb and it doesn’t seem to be experiencing any performance issues. Next I’ll try printing off a SD card to see if the behavior is any different. funny, just now it picked back up and it’s off and running again…

yea. interestingly enough, using the SD card it worked perfectly. something funky in the mac > printer interface.