Taz 6 skipping

So in the last day or 2 updated Cura LE from 2.1 something to 2.6.69 and then updated my firmware on my Taz 6 like it asked. Prior to this I never noticed any issues with stuttering or pausing mid print now it is doing it multiple times in a minute when its at its worst to almost never at its best. I’m also noticing that the x and y stepper motors are getting as hot or hotter than my 60c print bed less than an hour into the print you see in the videos below.

Here are 2 quick videos I made of it happening. In the second video the little blobs you see on the print are the result of the stutters

Anyone else have any idea what is going on or how to fix it?

I stopped the print after a little over a hour and a half and counted over 40 of those blobs. This was my first print of the day and all the stepper motors were cool to the touch when I started the print.

Is it skipping or is it pausing? You printing via USB? Seems this new version of software is much more resource intensive. Try printing the file to the SD card and try printing from the SD card, it should go smoother.

I have no idea what to call what its doing, one second its going fine the next all the stepper motors pause and then it goes back to printing like nothing happened.I don’t have a SD card reader for my computer so all of my prints have been over USB, tomorrow I’ll pick up a SD card reader and see if that makes any difference

I just printed the vase from the videos again from a SD card and it printed without issues so I guess that is how I will print from now on

I use an old laptop to print with my 'Mini (the 'Mini can’t print without USB unless you get an upgrade).

I found that when I switched from Windows 7 to Ubuntu, printing got a lot more stable. This solution might work for you if you want to go back to USB (best if you have Linux experience or a friend that does). Good luck!

how about getting a raspberry pi and use octoprint… :slight_smile:

Yes. Stream from Octoprint on a dedicated RPi.