Taz 6 pauses while printing from SD card

Hello everyone, I have been having an issue with my Taz 6 where it will pause while printing from the SD card. This occurs with a part I have printed multiple times, where sometimes it pauses and other times it prints with no issue. The location of pausing is inconsistent and does not appear to be associated with the Gcode. When the printer pauses it does not resume printing on its own.

firmware version:

Any troubleshooting advice would be great, thanks!

It might help to try a different SD Card, just on the off chance it is because of damage to the SD card itself. The fact that it is failing inconsistently on the same file makes me think this will most likely not be something software related. It also wouldn’t not hurt to look inside the SD card slot on your printer to make sure that none of your pins appear to be damaged.
It sounds like it but just to confirm, this doesn’t happen if you print the same model using a USB cable right?

Did you find a solution to this? I’m having the same issue. I noticed the last time it did it, the display indicated there was no SD card, when in fact it was installed and was what I used to load the printer.

Thought it might be that the USB was connected to Cura, but I’ve done that in the past with no issue.

Ready to try another SD card, but wanted to see if there was a know issue here.

If I select “Resume Print” from the controller, it picks right back up. Very odd, had this printer for over a year and never seen this before.


I switched out the SD card and it seemed to fix the problem for now.


If you use a slower class SD it will give un-looked for results. I use a class 10 or better for several years now, and they do age/go bad for time/usage. And the micro adapters tend to be … intermittent.