TAZ 6 printing problems

I am having difficulty getting fine detail prints. My first layer is also rough due to ridges being created from the nozzle running into the line it just previously made. I have a HS+ 1.2mm print head using a Taz 6 and flex print bed. I have included photos to help explain. Any help would be very much appreciated!

Nozzle Temp: 200
Bed Temp: 75
Material: PolyMax PLA
Z offset: -0.300

IMG_8842 Small
IMG_8843 Small
IMG_8844 Small
IMG_8845 Small
IMG_8847 Small

First: Z offset is too low. With octograb, it’s usually around a +0.27 on the Taz 6, but you must adjust it so that your first layer is barely squished by the nozzle. It should look like a == not a _____, O or U.

Ridges occur because at the edge, and the skirt, it can squish out far and flat, but once you’re trying to put a line next to that as part of the object, it can’t squish out, so it has to squish UP. If you hold in the wheel button during print, you can adjust the Z offset “live” and lift it until your lines squish together properly.

The rest doesn’t look horrible for a gigantic nozzle like that. 1.2mm is all about speed, not precision.

That was the problem! Thank you so much!! My prints look way better now and my first layer is smooth