Problem with Taz 6 print


I’m attempting a print on the Taz 6 I just unboxed and it’s not going quite as well as I’d hoped. I’m getting a bunch of angel hair protruding from the print, blobs of filament, and the print head looks like it dragged through the print in question. I’m using nGen filament and Cura 21.08. I can’t get a computer close enough to the printer to control it directly so I put my gcode on an SD card and started the print off that. At first I had an issue with the “probe fail clean nozzle” until I rotated the z-axis motor a full revolution counter clockwise and then that problem passed.

I’ve attached pictures of the print, which did not complete the first level and the gcode I used. Any help would be appreciated.


EA-TRP-Stone-Floor-1.0.gcode (10.9 MB)

Also, per the forum notes, here is a pic of the printer:



Your nozzle is way too close to the bed surface. You need to go into the configuration menu on the LCD and raise the nozzle by adjusting the negative Z offset.

Ok, making progress. I moved the Z offset up to -1.35 from -1.5 (factory default). I also tested the extrusion to ensure that it was putting out the correct amount of filament per the calibration instructions here: (it was). The outline printed mostly Ok, but when the print head lifted and started printing the actual pieces, it looks like the filament wasn’t adhering to the print bed.

I’ll try upping the z-axis a little bit more but again I’m all for the opinion of you veterans out there.



Heck, looks like I failed to attach that picture. Here it is: