Taz 6 Pro Failed Prints

I’ve owned a Taz 6 for around five years now and always found it easy to set up and use, printing perfectly straight out of the box and only recently needing any kind of maintenance or settings changes. It was my first 3d printer and for a complete novice it couldn’t have been better.

Tempted by what seemed an ebay bargain - £800 (approx $1000) including delivery - I bought a brand new, boxed, Taz 6 Pro. Again it all seemed straightforward and easy enough to set up, and three small test prints were completed without any problems.

This is an enclosure box for a Ring doorbell camera:

This is how it printed:

So as a test I tried going smaller again with this page holder:

And I stopped the print when this happened:

After getting no real print problems with the Taz 6 in five years of use should I expect the Pro to do the same or is it something I am doing wrong rather than a fault with the printer?

Any advice welcome!

It looks like the Z offset may simply be too high. There’s nothing on the first layer from that second print that looks right.

I also had issues with the grub screw for the x axis motor not being tightened down, which essentially was causing it to have about .8mm worth of motor rotation before any movement happened whenever it changed directions. Check that.

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