Taz 6 S3D Profile


Does anyone have a Simplify3D profile for the Taz 6 they would be willing to share?

Loving the Taz 6 so far.


This should get you started - Very rough and I’m literally tweaking as we speak but it does print - bear in mind i’m using 1.75mm fillament as well so you need yo change fillament settings for larger diameter stuff
Lulzbot Taz 6 S3D profile.zip (3.58 KB)

Thanks Clay.

I’m using the standard 3mm… going to need to tweak it for the “standard” machine, but it’s a good start. Speeds and feeds need some thought for sure.

Thanks agian.

lol yup. the z offset i have tweaked a lot and in addition the speed i have reduced a ton as well. i’ve managed to get my rocktopus printing at the same as cura in high quallity now. I’m gonna tweak a wee bit more then i will reupload. This morning’s was a really rough just to get it going profile lol

Any updates on the Profile?