Lulzbot taz 6 and Simplify 3D

Hi everyone

ive just got simplify 3d to use for my taz 6. with it do i have to add the code in for the auto levelling or is that a preset in Simplify 3D?

I’m using a Mini. The built in profile did do auto-leveling, and generally worked alright. However, I copy/pasted the start/end scripts from Cura as I wanted it to always be the same regardless of which slicer I decided to use. The biggest change was the end script. The bit where it cools and then pushes the build plate out wasn’t in the default S3D profile when I got it about 6 months ago.

Hi there ttabbal,

The latest edition of S3D has a profile for the TAZ 6 that works well. In case you need it, I am attaching my FFF file.
LulzBot TAZ 6 (3.43 KB)
Happy printing!