Taz 6 Stepper drivers

I’m interested in upgrading my stepper drivers in my Taz 6 in hopes of quieting the printer a bit as well as getting higher precision. I’m thinking maybe DRV8825 drivers. Is there a way to do this on the RAMBO board where you would bypass the integrated steppers? I asked this question in another forum and someone said it was possible, but I can’t find the recommended schematics for doing this.

You could, kind of, but the latency involved in the conversion would make it not great. Also the Rambo board already uses A4988 stepper anyways, which are pretty solid. I guess the 1 / 32nd microstepping might make for a bit less noise. You would probably be better off going with a new board.

Here’s a comparison of both motor drivers.

If you really wanted to do that anyways, you would either need to try and convert the signal back to stepper feed (maybe by removing the reverse current resistors on another stepper driver and wiring it in reverse and then putting the stepper you want to use at the end of the chain. ) or somehow tapping into the Rambo board traces which would be risky at best.

I’m not sure about the Taz 6 specifics, but the Geeetech 2560 seemed a fairly good replacement for the Mini.

Of course you’d need to do some homework porting Lulzbot Taz6 FW for this board, but I think that would be quite straightforward.

Also see this discussion: https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/new-controller-and-firmware/4949/1