Taz Mini, how do I remove & replace thermistor wires in 20 POC Connector

I have replaced that tiny, fragine thermistor that sits in the tiny slot in the hotend of my Mini 1.0. I have put the head back together per the OHAI page. I love that page!!

Now, I need to get the old thermistor wires out of the 20 POC connector. I’ve tried shoving a pin into the little hole on the side of the connector, but that doesn’t release the wire when I pull on it.

Here’s a photo of what I’m talking about Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

I solved it - with help from someone on another forum.

The square hole on the side has a little flap of metal in it. I pushed that down and it slid out, with a needle-nose pliers. I needed to push it down and pull on the wire gently at the same time. It was stuck pretty good.