TAZ 6 - Two Recurring Print Issues: Blobs and Z Gaps

Been trying to fix these issues on my own, but am at a loss. No idea which settings I should touch, and I don’t want to print 30 things to find it lol.

I recalibrated e-steps, and z-offset already.

I only print in PLA. I have the latest version of Cura Lulzbot edition and latest firmware.

Issue 1: smaller parts on prints become blobby and print poorly. (Top shark is at 210C via USB cable, bottom at 205 via SD card slot)

Issue 2: Prints end up with occasional gaps right on the z-seam before the step up (aligned seam makes it very apparent) Happens on different models but when that model is printed twice, it will be in the same site.

Current settings:

Im having very similar issues.