Taz 6 v3 Dual Extruder Leveling Issue

Hello all. I recently upgraded my company Taz 6 to have the v3 Dual Extruder. I followed the steps on the Lulzbot website carefully for installation, and for the first couple prints it seemed to be working fine. However, lately its been having trouble leveling properly. When the left hand extruder (the main extruder) moves down to touch the first leveling plate at the front of the print bed, it touches the plate and then continues to push the plate down, causing the plate and that end of the print bed to move down. The nozzle does not appear to be messy, and I’m not seeing any loose wires. Thoughts? Thanks


This is a video I found on Youtube (not my printer) of someone having the same issue (albeit with a single head extruder instead of the double)

The most common way for autoleveling to fail is due to filament preventing electrical connection. Even if you don’t see any visible residue on the nozzle as a first step I would recommend you try cleaning your nozzle. Sometimes a little bit of filament can get stuck up in the nozzle and if any of that piece is left to hang out of the nozzle when the printer is autoleveling it can cause it to fail even if your nozzle looks completely clean. The best way to make sure the nozzle is completely clean is to raise the printhead off the bed, and bring to extrusion temperature. Using a thick leather glove and a clean blue shop towel gently wipe off the outside of the nozzle. Using a non-conductive Scotch Brite pad to clean the nozzle is also very effective. The one thing that you will want to avoid when cleaning is anything metal, the printers hotend is susceptible to electric static discharge that can damage the hotend, so avoid using any kind of wire brush. This is a good time for a visual inspection of the corner washers to assure no filament has accumulated on them as well.

Thanks! Wiping it down with the Scotch Brite pad just before each touch on the leveling plates did the trick.