Taz 6 with Octoprint not printing wipe tower correctly.

I installed Octoprint yesterday and spent most of the day trying to get it properly working to print the impossible gear model. The problem I’m having is it seems to be treating the wipe tower as part of the model and prints it at a random time that it decided on each layer instead of actually using it to wipe.

Most likely a slicer issue… Octoprint just streams gcode. The slicing software specifies the location of the wipe tower. You can verify by printing from the SD card.

Yes I can do the same print from SD card and straight from Cura with no issues

I have a TAZ 6 connected to OctoPi 0.14 / OctoPrint 1.3.9 and I’ve never experienced OctoPrint “rearranging” Gcode. If you have successfully printed from the SD card then you have a Gcode file that you can upload and print with OctoPrint and it should produce identical results.

Issues with OctoPrint may be handled better by posting in the OctoPrint Community Forum.

Do you have a picture of where the wipe tower is being printed? Is it only one color which is printing wrong?

Octoprint has an nozzle offset setting in the printer settings which may be affecting the print.

It’s not printing in the wrong spot, it’s printing at the wrong time like it’s part of the model, I’m going to try again tonight