Z-Axis Stops Stepping

On what seems to be all larger prints (print time greater than an hour), both Z-axis stepper motors stop incrementing. My specs are:

PEI Bedplate
Upgrade Version2 Toolhead (Hex hotend)

It seemed to have occurred after installing the Version 2 toolhead along with the firmware upgrade. I suspected it was the firmware upgrade so I rolled back to the 2014 Q4 firmware (which I believe was still newer than the original firmware I had on the TAZ4 since I purchased it Sept 2014) and reinstalled the Budaschnozzle and old toolhead. The same problem occurred.

The same print worked just fine prior to the firmware and toolhead upgrade.

After it stops incrementing and I pause the print, I am able to manually change the Z-axis, so I do not believe it’s mechanical.

The Z-axis does not move at this level, so it extrudes and rubs against the top-most layer

I used a KITTAZ Rambo board.enclosure on my hardware and it seems to have worked fine.

I’m starting to think the .hex file that I used (and flashed with firmware) was the issue. The KITTAZ was running Marlin 2014Q3 RevB which was the same version I was attempting to revert back to with the hex file but was flashed directly from Arduino IDE. The 2015Q1 version was also a .hex file and also had the same problem.

I will try flashing tonight directly with Arduino IDE.

I had a Z-axis stepper motor issue this past week.

Did you check to see the z-axis is moving 1600 steps/mm? You can check this on the LCD screen in the control section.

Lastly, are the drivers over heating? This was my problem, I was extremely frustrated until I found out my fan was not plugged in…


… Just my thoughts

Well I think your thoughts saved me a lot more heartache. Sure enough, that was the problem :slight_smile:

I’ve been running without the RAMBO enclosure on for some time now and it seemed to work fine. But recently I started driving my bed plate hotter since it’s PEI and apparently runs at 110C. I’m guessing the enclosure just got hot enough where the drivers stopped working.

Thank you very much!

Awesome! Glad to hear it.

Yea, I never thought overheating drivers would cause so much grief, until I contacted support. If your Taz is in an enclosure I’m sure overheating can become an issue at high temps.

Glad your up and running :slight_smile: