Taz Hexagon thermistor soldered

I had to take my hotend off to replace the nozzle and a wire came off the thermistor. At first I figured I broke the solid wire coming off the thermistor even though I was being careful but I pulled back the heat shield sleeve and found it came unsoldered and the 2 were just overlapped and soldered together with NO physical connection.

I found this odd as the Buda always had physical crimp connectors, at minimum they could have loop and twisted the 2 together before soldering but they just laid them side by side and soldered. Not a good physical connection. I was in a hurry and just re soldered it but next time I need to take it apart I plan on fixing this properly.

Just thought I would mention it.

Me–> 35+ years electronics tech in the coin op industry.

I have found the thermistor wire to be very brittle and easy to break myself, and have found a number of failed connections where the wire coming from the thermistor had broken before the solder joint failed.