TAZ Lulzbot not powering up when plugged in.

Everything was working fine. I turned off the 3D printer and transported it to another location. Now when plugging it in nothing happens. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

is the main switch on the power supply also turned on? Aside from that, check for loose fittings. There is also a large fuse somewhere in the assembly most likely, which could have been damaged in transit.

Perhaps the 115/230V selector switch got moved out of position?

And is the power connector really fully all the way plugged in? I usually alternate between pushing the connector in directly, then tightening up the screw-on ring as far as it’ll easily go, then repeating the cycle, until I’m sure it just won’t plug in any farther.

Failing that, you can check the power supply output pins with a voltmeter if you have one – two are ground, two are +24VDC.

There should be a green L.E.D. that will light up when the supply is plugged and and working. If you do not see a Green light somewhere on the supply then it has died. If you see a green light then you might have blown a fuse on the RAMBo board.