Taz Mini 2 Z offset problem

I’ve been having very few issues wtih my Taz Mini. It ‘just works’ which is kind of amazing.

Yesterday, however, I ran into a problem. When trying to print the initial layer was just not sticking to the bed. On inspection, the nozzle was too high over the bed. I ran a test print with a different file, and it worked great (file prints all the way out to the limit of the bed). But every time I try to run this one file, it won’t get close enough to the bed on the initial layer. This simple repo contains both of the files I’m talking about. The BED LEVEL file works, but the SAC_Frame2 does not. Both files were generated with Cura_lulzbot 3.6.20 with the same settings aside from using a skirt on the SAC_Frame2 file.

I have other files that I’ve printed without the Z offset problem, somehow this one is sick?

Is there any kind of Gap in cura where the figure should touch the base but does not?
Here are a few things to try:

Try adding a Skirt, Brim or raft and see if the non object filament prints at the right level while the print does not

Try manually sinking the object slightly into the build plate by a tiny bit. May be there is a 2d overhang or something in the model that cura sees but does not display? (Cura will automatically trim anything below the build plate).

It’s a poor option IMO but if the part is something you critically need, use the tune menu during printing to adjust the Z offset on the fly for the print. Just make sure to set it back after the print by loading the settings or manually setting it back. a multi-line skirt or brim should give you the time you need to set it.


The model that I’m trying to make barely fits in the build volume. I had placed it at an angle, thinking that it would be OK, but I believe that the angle position was just too much for it. Cura had the print starting with very tiny supports, and I could not fit a raft.
I repositioned the model, and now it’s printing.

If the model doesn’t require a specific dimensional size you can use the scaling feature in Cura to shrink the part … e.g. print it 90% size, etc. so that it fits the build plate – if that helps.

Sounds like you do have it working now. :+1: