Taz Pro filament runout sensor - how to add material?

I had a long print run short of filament and while the printer did pause, the touch screen read “filament error” and really didn’t seem to offer an intuitive way to add filament and resume the print. I ended up failing it.

So, what’s the proper way to handle this, since the manual doesn’t address this feature at all.


Anyone? I’d really like to figure out how to print and reload material once the spool runs out

Filament runout doesn’t recover well, especially over USB, since the communication of the pause back to the PC doesn’t work well, in addition to the sometimes failure when using SD.

I think it boils down to an inaccurate nozzle park position calculation. I know it’s very off on the miniv2 when you just try and change filament mid-print.

I think the only filament sensor that I’ve had good results with is on my highly-modded Taz6 with the Octopus 1.1 and BTT Smart Filament Sensor. Everything else seems to have had issues with park position interfering with queued commands.

I’m printing using the USB stick

So you’re saying the filament runout essentially doesn’t work

In the ooooold firmware, I think it worked fine, but changes to Marlin’s handling of the advanced pause feature don’t appear to have been accounted for correctly.

I don’t know if this is something addressed in Drunken Octopus firmware or not, but neither addresses the unload-loads-filament for a while bug that still is mildly infuriating. If I owned a Pro, I’d give it a go at fixing, but I only have the one at work that doesn’t have the developer environment I would need to test and make changes with.

You need to press ok to acknowledge the error. Then go into options and resume print, that’ll get the nozzle heating back up. Also just press resume even if it is still hot. The printer may or may not resume correctly otherwise in my experience. I believe this has been fixed, but you know.

Then you can use the change filament option. This has the load unload options and all that.