TAZ Pro Nozzle Error Explanation

Can anyone explain the settings behind when the printer just stops and assumes the nozzle is clogged or filament is out? It is a neat feature except when everything seems fine and the printer keeps stopping. Can these settings be overridden or G Code deleted/Edited?


I believe the TAZ Pro has two filament runout sensors and it sounds like one (or both) of them are misbehaving. I would contact LulzBot support and ask them.

I don’t own a TAZ Pro but depending on the version of (Marlin) firmware, you may be able to disable the sensor(s) with M412. You might also look at M405 and M406.

Perfect thanks for the help!

Make sure the PTFE filament tubes are properly inserted on both ends. As the extruder pulls filament, it expects to measure a similar movement of filament at the jam sensor on the side of the printer. If it doesn’t, it will think the filament is jammed.

Ok ill make sure that is properly inserted. It’s been working well.
Also, I believe some of my retraction settings were set to retract too much resulting in the melted filament getting stuck in the cool higher portion of the extruder. This would jam up pretty good.

For most materials, my retraction is between 1-2mm only. Direct drive printers don’t need much retraction. The exceptions are materials like TPU (NinjaFlex, PolyFlex, etc.) and if I use PVA for support I find that needs a little more retraction.

But when I use PVA I have to be careful to turn down the max retraction number and retraction window size. I think it defaults to 99 (which basically means unlimited). That’s the number of times Cura can call for retraction over the same bit of filament. On some materials if you go back and further too many times without extruding enough filament to be on a clean piece, the hobb gear chews into the side of the filament and tears it up … and can cause a jam.

It takes a lot of patients and tuning. :wink:
Im almost there.