Taz Pro Firmware options

Looking over the latest Cura beta release, I see firmware version available for the Taz Pro XT. In GitLab, there appears to be active development on the version range. Since I can’t find a branch for I was curious if this version has started using bilinear for ABL? Or do I need to wait for a newer version. Is the version newer than the version?

John Olhoft posted a picture of his Taz Pro on October 22nd to the Facebook group that showed a different menu layout in the touchscreen and he indicated it was on the “cusp of release.”

You can actually find all of the firmware that is currently available on our GitLab page below.

It is definitely a bit harder to find as it is actually in the Cura binary data folder.

Also, that 2.1 does have the bilinear leveling, yes.

I made the mistake of letting the Cura Beta install the latest firmware on the XT

Now the BL Touch is not working / being used.

Also, not an issue before, but the print head tries to wipe off the right side of the wipe pad.

I’d like to upgrade to the appropriate version for the BL Touch and bilinear. Can you tell me how many points it is set to use building the mesh? Ideally, 4x4 or greater, I hope?

Thank you

I’d email support but they don’t answer those emails. I’m still waiting for a reply from a ticket I submitted over the summer :thinking:

They’ve always been very responsive to requests for support from me, both AO and FAME. Try contacting them again, your ticket may have gotten lost somehow.

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