Taz Pro Frustrations - Help Please

I loved my Taz Mini (original) and regret daily taking the offer to upgrade to the Taz Pro Dual extruder. I have had more issues with this printer should be expected from a $4k printer and am considering just throwing in the trash as I would not want to sell this POC to anyone.

That all being said, I am sure all of my issues are due to something I did or didn’t do properly.

Lets start with the latest…

Prints constantly failing and under-extruding. I had a simple print complete perfectly, then went to run the same print again and got nothing but under-extrusion. Since that event. I can not get even the simeplish print to work.

The skirt extrudes and prints perfectly but as soon as it goes to the model… it stops extruding and i get this mess

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

For reference, here was the print from the same G-Code earlier that day.

First thing: If you’re running the latest firmware, that firmware is broken AF when it comes to probing and bed leveling. It doesn’t appear to clear the old offset when adding the new offset whenever it probes. So, every successive print you have to manually add the offset, since it keeps “drilling” deeper with what it thinks it should be. For example, first print and you use a -1.2mm offset prints ok. Then it probes the washers for the next print, and it didn’t clear the -1.2mm from before, so now it thinks it should be printing at -2.4mm from the measurement from the washers. If you manually tune the z offset to 0mm after the probing sequence, it’ll probably print correctly… until the next probe, at which point you’ll have to set your offset to +1.2mm, and then +2.4mm, +3.6mm, and so on. I can’t remember if this persisted across power up/down of the machine or if I had to clear the EEPROM. Either way, load up firmware (NOT!), verify that your z-offset is back to what it normally is, and enjoy.

If that isn’t the problem, first thing to check with any lulzbot is the cleanliness of the nozzles. A little plastic on there makes it push a little harder to get contact with the washers, effectively reducing the z-probe offset. Since the skirt is printed at a fairly quick feedrate, it can look ok compared to the print itself, but once the head slows down for the initial layer, the backpressure is too great and you strip the filament.

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There does seem to be an issue with the latest TAZ Pro firmware. At first I thought I was imagining things but after careful and repeated testing I was able to replicate it. Although, what I’m seeing is a bit different than @Wrathernaut describes. I am noticing that the printer seems to ignore the Z-offset value that I set.

LulzBot knows about it – hopefully not long before we get a fix. For now, I’d revert back to older firmware until we get an update.

@TheVirtualTim - It’s not just the offset that is ignored. The bed leveling compensation isn’t applied either. Even when applying manual z offsets, I was having one corner of the bed where the nozzle was scraping the PEI, and at the opposite corner, it was printing about .3mm from the sheet.

@startrez CURA LE 3.6.37 has been posted as an experimental firmware where we have added new filament profiles as well as reverted the TAZPro to version which does not have the issue of the Z-Offset resetting. You can find the CURA LE download on our website as well as all the release information here.

Thanks so much but unfortunately, I am not gitlab build proficient for windows which is what I need and I can’t seem to find the .exe or .msi file in the experimental build.

Any help would be appreciated or how to would be appreciated.

Literally click the link that says “website”. Click the “Cura LulzBot Edition Windows” link … on that page (which is this page: LulzBot | Cura-windows ) click the link to download “Windows Experimental (3.6.37)”

Once downloaded & installed, start Cura LE and “update” (which is really just moving back to the previous version) the printer firmware.

Thanks so much, I don’t know why i didnt think to check the actual lulzbot site for the exe!