Taz Pro Thin PLA Prints

My Printer (a fresh from the box Taz Pro) Has been producing thin quality prints one of my friends suggested that it may be because of air bubbles in the filament so I have replaced the filament and still the prints come out thin and fragile (so much so that pulling off supports damages the print itself.) Any advice anyone can give? I can attach pictures if it helps, cheers.

Pictures always help.

I’m going to assume that it’s loading filament for a change as expected.

My initial thought is that it’s running 1.75mm filament when the slicer is slicing for 2.85mm filament. 1.75mm filament is only about 38% the volume of material for the same length, so it won’t extrude anywhere near the required material.

Seeing your slicer settings for material would help confirm this.

Another simple thing would be that the tension on the toolhead idler isn’t correct, so it’s not feeding consistently.

Third thing could be that the correct toolhead isn’t selected in the firmware, so the extruder steps are very far off, and that’s causing less filament to be extruder.

Of course, more details would also help.

I assume the tool head is the LulzBot TAZ Pro Dual Extruder, 2.85mm, correct? What firmware is loaded in the printer? When you turn the printer on, the firmware version displays in the panel for a bit.

What filament(s) are you using? Hopefully, they are 2.85mm.

What slicer (and version)?

How are you getting print jobs to the printer (SD card or USB)? If USB, what is the other end of the cable connected to (and what operating system is it running)?