Feeder failure, unable to complete first print.

I have just unpacked and finished calibrating TAZ 4 from Lulzbot. So far after laying out few lines the feeding chamber above the nozzle becomes jammed and no plastic is coming out. I have tried tweaking with all the settings but have not had any success. The filament I am using is ABS, 1.75 and I was trying to print the standard octopus using Printrun. The strands twist and curl like on the photo which I have came across here as well. Because printer has barely been used I don’t think it needs inside of the nozzle checked. I do not know how to fix that issue except for maybe buying different polymers to see the comparison or different filament thickness. Thanks for help.

Are you sure your extruder is ready for 1.75mm filament, and not 3mm?

It is that 1.75mm filament that will be giving you the issues. The TAZ printers are designed to use 3mm filament. The smaller filament allows for too much room in the hotend/extruder and allows it to buckle as shown in your photos. If you want to use 1.75mm filament consistently and successfully, you are going to need to do a modification like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epcxTORf1z8

I hope this helps!