TAZ Testimonial

I have been facinated with 3D printing tech for several years. I followed progress in the peripheral, watching developments with a feverous curiosity.
Finally, I had seen enough. From all I had read and observed, I decided I would “challenge” the TAZ. This was the machine.
First of all, I am by no means an engineer. I am a commercial fisherman turned sportfisherman. I have an unprecedented curiosity into what makes fish “tick”. Which leads to the main reason for my purchase of the TAZ.
I had created an incredible fishing lure enhancement that I believed would catch everyone’s attention …and catch every fish. All fish.
I needed to make units and film them underwater and to have other people try them out as well. They had to be perfect in detail, comparable to a high pressure injection mold. As well, they must be sturdy and strong enough to withstand a veritable “toothy” beating. 3D printing in ABS, I thought, was the answer. I had the CAD drawing of my hand-carved unit created the year before. I was ready to go.
As I stated previously, I am not an engineer. I couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated when the TAZ showed up on my doorstep. In fact, the box sat un-opened for several hours as I paced around it in my livingroom.
Eventually I dived in. Crammed hard, non-stop for many days. I read everything I could, learned the programs, learned the machine, tried some unsucessful attempts but I kept driving on and then finally, bingo. I printed the very first Jughead Shaker, perfectly. It was now time to get some sleep.
Well, I printed a few, I Go-Pro filmed them underwater, showed everyone in the fishing forum and on YouTube. Then things went a little out of control …everyone wanted them. They wanted lots. Everywhere. From Alaska to Australia …there goes my sleep time.
I turned on my TAZ in the first week of June and I didn’t stop printing Jugheads Shakers until I took a break in mid October. By then I was knee-deep in pizza boxes and it was difficult to tell where my hair ended and my new beard started.
All day, every day, 24/7, TAZ stayed on and printing …about 5 months! I made 1000’s of Jughead Shakers. Some colour combos were quite creative too, I might add.
I had the odd issue with the TAZ, too much heat, not enough heat, calibrating, default settings, trivial stuff really. Lulzbot support was very quick and spot-on but, my issues were never anything I couldn’t have figure out myself. It was always “user error”.
Two points I’ll pass on: 1. Trust that the machine is doing what it’s told and 2. Avoid the cheap filament.

Ultimately, I received several offers of a partnership in business for my Jughead Shaker. I took the best deal on the table with a tackle company of which I now receive handsome royalties.
Jughead Shaker is Trademarked and has an Int’l Patent Pending with 10’s of 1000’s of packages being produced in several colours, sizes and rigged variations.

Within one and a half months, Jughead is being sold (so far) in over 30 stores with sell-outs every few days from Alaska to Mexico. See the underwater videos at http://www.JugheadShaker.com.

Nevertheless, I am a satisfied TAZ customer. I love my TAZ. The printing detail is awesome even at high speeds. I print dozens of pieces at a time too, the print table is huge. Taz is a work-horse that has paid for itself many, many times over. I can’t brag enough about it.
To the crew at Aleph Objects Inc …Bravo! (add applause here) Well done! Thank you all and good luck with your endeavour my friends. You have brought mine to fruition.


Vancouver, Canada

Awesome, congrats on your success! :slight_smile:


We’re glad to hear it! Thank you for the kind feedback!


This is a great testimonial, thank you for sharing!

Congratulations on all your success :slight_smile:

Jughead Shaker