Small Business Montage - From Just a Beginner to a Pro

Hi - I’m going to attempt to document my adventures with a new TAZ - from first prints to prototypes for my small business.

A little background and a fairly typical story - I need to prototype, and I need things that look “production-like”. Being small, resources are pretty scarce. I needed a big capacity printer for making enclosures, brackets, antenna housings - you name it.

The TAZ fit the bill. I had one issue - I need to make parts for a demo in a month (Nov 2013) - and need a TAZ before the 2.0s could ship. LulzBot stepped up and delivered! Claudio and Rod put a refurbished TAZ 1.0 in my hands in a matter of days - while CO flood waters were still receding. My hat is off to them - thanks so much.

So here I am - I have a month to turn around some pretty nice enclosures (hence the dire need for a montage) and piece parts and I have limited experience with 3D printers. I am an engineer with over a decade of experience working for big companies that had the resources to outsource this type of fabrication. I would rate myself as above average when it comes to CAD, and an expert SW dude.

I plan to perform printer setup per the instructions, implement some of the tweaks and enhancements noted in these forums, hone my skills making spare printer parts, and then dive in to prototyping. I would love to hear any comments, tips and suggestions that you may have.



I’m confused, a TAZ 1.0? You also mention Nov 2013 but you are posting almost 5 years later.