Hello Couby,

devel contained the files during the development. Final files are in download.

I modeled the original FreeCAD files (I did not designed the parts, just reproduced them from Sketchup files), including the assembly. It is nowhere near complete, actually, and possibly outdated, as I haven’t worked on them for a few months. The Lulzbot people have made some changes to my original FreeCAD part files which may not be reflected on the assembly.

Due to FreeCAD’s current weak points, making and updating the assembly is a bit of a chore. I was waiting for the assembly module to be implemented into FreeCAD before completing the assembly, but the implementation may take more time than I had anticipated. So I’m thinking about picking things where I left off.

Gemini64 AKA NormandC

Thank you a lot Gemini for the Freecad TK-0 assembly file, it is really really helpfull, even if it is nowhere near complete.

Any idea for the double bearing pieces where they are to be used ? :blush:

For TAZ parts, docs, etc. use this directory instead of the old devel TK-0 one:


Or if you do rsync:


The TK-0 dir will eventually disappear.

I didn’t model that one - in fact there is only an stl file and an .xoj file which I have no idea what it is and with what software it was created with. In my assembly file there are 12 single bearing holders. The new BOM indicates 3 double bearing holders and 5 single bearing holders for a total of 11 bearings.

Actually looking at the pictures more closely you can see two of them! They are on the X axis holding the X Motor Mount and X Bearing Mount parts onto the vertical smooth rods. Your guess as to where the third one is used is as good as mine. My bet is on the top of the X Carriage.

That leaves only 5 single bearing supports. I’m tempted to say the bed has 4 which leaves one at the bottom of the X Carriage.

Am I right jebba? Am I zero on two, two on two? :mrgreen:

Looking at the pictures on the store’s product page I had a burning question… Did the cat go into the printed box?

Well he/she did! :smiley:


This picture makes me think I’m right. I believe we see the hint of a single bearing holder centered under the X Carriage.

And, we see two single bearing holders under the bed. The holes on the aluminum bed mount plate are too far apart for a double bearing holder. (Click on the picture for original size)

Sorry, I’m done spamming now. :blush:

Ok, thank you Jebba for this orientation :slight_smile:.

Thanks Gemini, I see now :slight_smile:.

I like in the photo they show it printing upside down.

Go look at geneb’s outboxing video. At 18:28 we have a clear view of the back of the X carriage. I was right. :ugeek:


A problem we are facing at the moment with a friend, is to find a source for M3 and M5 inserts.
McMasterCarr doesn’t ship for european customers, and I hardly find such inserts in european online shops.

Would someone have any idea where to find a reseller for these vitamins for european makers ? :blush:

If there is a specific part you’d like a photograph or short video of, I’d be happy to oblige.


Thank you Geneb :slight_smile: .

Couby, I don’t know offhand who, but there are many PEM vendors in Europe.

Does this help?


Thank you for the reference.
Tappex doesnt seem to sell their products online directly so I went to Yardlryproducts. These are the options I could find:
Multi-sert OD - 0.2"(5.08mm) Length - 0.19"(4.826mm)
Quick-sert OD - 0.228"(5.7912mm) Length - 0.187"(4.7498mm)
Holes for the inserts according to Freecad models have a diameter of 5.2mm, so Multi-sert might have problems gripping the plastic correctly. Holes for the Quick-sert on the contrary might need some slight enlargment (not a big deal). Other option would be to simply change hole diameter in Freecad but some parts are missing and im not sure if the parts are up to date.
Quick-sert is considerably cheaper $0.961 vs $0.597. Quantity discount starts at 500 (price drops to $0.193) so it should be taken under considaration especially if you are thinking to make more than one set. Anyway it doesnt come cheap. Traditional screw-nut fixation can probably be used in most places, but fixing smooth rods for example might be tricky without inserts.
Would like to hear some opinions, xM.

Edit: minimum order for yardleyproducts is 125$ (650pcs of Quick-ser)

Sorry for this late answer.

Thank you Orias for these orientations, and xM for analyse of these websites.

Doesn’t seem to be so obvious Jebba :frowning: , or I’m really too too bad at sourcing exercise :blush: .

For M5 inserts I made a mod of y_mount_table in order to use washer+squared nut (a couple I’m also using in place of t-slot nuts, what is cheaper here).

Another solution for makers could be the use of Y_FrameConnector.stl in earlier TK-0 files. If I’ve well understood, the last design and use of M5 inserts, is to make easy for customer the mount of Y-frame with ZX-frame.

I’ve bought M3 inserts here (BW2388 M3 x 4mm straight knurl thru) : http://www.anchorinserts.co.uk .
It is not cheap (22,96€ / 120 pces + 20€ shipping) and I’m not sure about the final result :cry:
I’ll try to stay as close as possible to original TAZ design for my first one. For my second I think about tryings mods in order to avoid such vitamins, hard to find, at least for me :blush: .
I’m not an ace for mods, but if interested I’ll share what I do here with pleasure.

I am looking for a set of plastic parts to build a TAZ.

Anyone out there willing to print a set? PM me with details.

Hey all,

It’s nice to see that I’m not alone in building a TAZ!

I had several 5052 aluminum beds water jet cut to Lulzbot specifications. I only need one. I’ll post some pictures soon. If anyone wants one, let me know!

I am interested in one…just messaged you.