Firmware update with Taz 6


I have a Taz 6 and I’m trying to install HS .8mm and SL .25mm tool heads. I’ve taken them apart and put them back together many times and I’ve reattached them with the adapter plate, I’m pretty sure I’m doing the physical part correctly.

But when I do the firmware update, I add printer-Taz 6-HS .8mm tool and I restart the printer. I boot it up and I hit auto home but instead of going to the auto home button, it goes to the steel washer. This occurs with .8mm and the .25mm. But if I reflash it with the standard .5mm tool firmware, its a little off because I think the nozzle is not in the same location as the standard but it does probe correctly.

I suspect that the printer now thinks its a LulzBot Mini, because I tried running an actual print and it was wiping the nozzle in the air.

Anyone else have this problem?

How are you flashing firmware? I used Cura from liable to do this a week ago, no problems.

Hardwired from my PC. I use Cura 3.6.21.