TAZ4 --> TAZ5

Two easy questions…

  1. I have a TAZ4 that has now been upgraded to the use the latest hexagon hotend. Works like a charm. Does that mean my TAZ4 is now a TAZ5, or are there additional upgrades?

  2. I also have a flexystruder. (Incidentally, NinjaFlex has been the easiest filament to use that I’ve tried so far.) When I switch between the flexystruder and v2 hex hotend, does the firmware need to be changed for the specific one being used, or will one of the firmware versions work for both?

The Pei sheet is the other major upgrade. The power supply is a little different too, but that shouldn’t matter.

Thank you, piercet. I’ve gone well off the reservation with respect to the bed (many different materials–and cut glass pieces with different tapes and surfaces–that I clip on to the plain glass stock bed). Existing power supply certainly isn’t giving me any problems.

Only outstanding question is with respect to whether the firmware needs to keep being changed for each of the extrunders.

Ah, v2 uses a hexagon hotend too. Same basic firmware but different esteps value unless you have a closely matched hobbed bolt. There is also a different print profile.

Write the current standard extruders E-Steps on the extruder somewhere in case you lose the information somewhere. You will set the E-Step value from the Flexystruder in Cura when using the Flexy and removing that E-Steps setting you used for the Flexy when you change back to the ‘standard’ extruder.