TAZ 5 and flexydually

What firmware am I supposed to use? I found taz 3 firmware but that cant be correct. Do I just need to make the right changes in the config headers? I’m a developer so that is not a problem… Does the flexydually have 12V or 24V heaters?

The main difference in the TAZ 4 & 5 is the hotend and PEI bed. So I would think the firmware for the 4 would work and it can be found here https://ohai-kit.alephobjects.com/project/taz4_dual_extruder/

Oh, and apparently it’s not a good idea to print Ninjaflex to a PEI bed (it adheres a bit too well) so they suggest using the glue stick on pei to prevent it from sticking to well.

I had a chance to play with it a bit more. The budaschnozle basically sucks. I have not yet got abs to stick. My TAZ 5 came with the hexagon hot end and prinpted almost out of the box. Im going to upgrade both nozzles before trying anything else. There is simply no comparison to how much easier the hexagon hot end was to set up. The budas seem to need a much slower first layer than the TAZ 4 firmware was providing. I also picked up some generic KEMA nozzles and heater block to make up some hot ends with. After M ELDing the 4 and 5 firmware I’m going to use the 5 version with changes fore tthe second extruder. The flexydually lacks fan ducts so I’ll need to print some.