TAZ6 Completes Print Before it Starts

Hi, my TAZ6 goes through its normal calibration before starting a print. Right after it finishes leveling the bed it parks the head and says print complete. This is happening with the Lulzbot FW AND Klipper FW. I have reinstalled an older version of the Lulzbot Cura Slicer to no avail. Why is it stopping right after the bed leveling??

Turns out its the specific STL file I was trying to slice. It does not like it for some reason. I tried a rando STL from Thingi and it works fine now. I don’t understand why it wouldn’t like the STL if the slicer handles the Gcode creation.

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If you post the offending STL here, we can probably give some idea of why it’s failing.

It seems to be too small. If I scale it up to 500% then it shows material used and ETA. It has to do with the nozzle diameter and line width.