Taz6 inductive probe mod, & ? bug in Marlin ?

I don’t know if this is the proper place to discuss this, so if not, please point me.

I have my Taz6 running Marlin on a home built Titan Aero 1.75mm extruder with a 12mm diameter inductive probe.
When adjusting the Taz6 Marlin for my needs, I ran into a problem with the SanityCheck.h erroneously telling me my probe could not hit the bed when using corners, X=0, Y=25, X=195, Y=221 (probe is at X=+43,Y=+13). I experimented with the rear Y value and it would compile using somewhere around Y=265. Not acceptable to me. So I ended up modifying the sanity check code to omit the Y check. Everything is working fine, but I would prefer that the software correctly approved Y=221. I would like this info to get the the correct folks to do a check on the anomaly, and not sure how or where to do that.

Very pleased with with the performance so far. A newer mount design is ready. I got tired of fighting the PEI bed removing PETg. I also want to eliminate all the nozzle scrubbing. I may still use use the wipe function to a lesser extent, but there are other ways of dealing with ooze.
I’m including a preliminary photo. I have to machine the magnetic bed yet and am temporarily using spring clips.
A newer extruder mount is currently printing. Will post all later.

I have the same exact ITWorks build but I use the BLTouch - works like a dream. If you haven’t already I would consider getting the BLTouch (their cheap) and much more precise than an inductive probe. The FW is also easy to edit to use the BLTouch. Currently I’m using the latest ( build and having an issue with something else but 1.1.8.x works fine - been using is for almost a year now…