TAZ6 nozzle temp anomaly

I’ve had my TAZ6 since January 2019. I use it a fair amount and have never had a problem. I have a situation now where the hot end temp is slowly going down below the specified print temp. I’m printing PLA at 215°c and the temp has dipped down to 195°. It slowly went up to 205° and then back down to 206°.

Can anyone offer advise on what is causing the problem?

Thanks, Mike

Sounds like it might be a thermistor going bad. Check to make sure its not coming loose first.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll check it out.

Hi. I had a similar problem, turned out the geometry of the part was causing the nozzle cooling fan to redirect air onto the hotblock cooling it down and resulting in an undertemp error. The solution was to turn the fan down (to around 60% i think). Problem did not reappear after doing this. I was pronting PETG and actually just turned the fan to like 20% since and never have had an issue again. I know PLA needs the fan, so you may try adjusting the cooling fan speed down in small 5-10% increments until the heating stabilizes.

Good luck.