TAZ6 runout sensor install instructions show different hardware

I have a TAZ 6 and I’m installing the runout sensor. The instructions at:

in step 6 talk about a purple wire harness from the Extruder 2 connector I need to remove, but my connector does not have one. Also, there is a purple harness connected to that port but it leads into the other wires going to the various motor connectors.

FYI, the board says it’s a Rambo v1.3L.

I don’t know whether to proceed with disconnecting it or not.

I’m beginning to suspect that the instructions on step 6 should be referring to Extruder 1 instead of Extruder 2.

The runout sensor connects to the XMAX spot on the board.

You’re correct that it should be referring to the Extruder 1 wiring, as the XMAX was originally part of the first extruder’s harness. It was abandoned in favor of just using the software limits. I was surprised they didn’t just use some of the EXT connector pins instead, as there’s plenty of open spots it could have gone and not required unplugging anything from the board.

For that matter, it could have just been made to mount on the toolhead and use the XMAX wiring all the way from the toolhead to the board.