Anyone have an Extruder stepper motor pin-out

Looking for a diagram for inserting the pins into a new harness for the extruder motor, the thermistor, and fans for swapping out tool heads.

I have a few stepper motors, half height and the stock steppers, pin housings, a bunch of hexagons heater blocks, and a variety of nozzle sizes that ive printed up all the extruder assembly and mounting pieces for so I can change out nozzles by just removing the top hex head screw and disconnecting the wiring harness. I don’t want to remove the pins from the stock extruder because the tension tabs get ruined and they are a pain to bend back so that they will grip on reinsertion. I know the logical step would be to pull back the heat shrink to see which colored wire goes to which pin socket, but I dont want to risk damaging the wires. Does anyone have a pin out for the pin harness for connecting the thermistor, fans, heater, and extruder motor? has everything you need. I’ll save you some time though on Taz 6 wiring diagrams :slight_smile:


That’s a more complicated question than it sounds on the face of it. The big question is, “for which Taz version?”

Assuming you mean a Taz 6, the extruder harness pinout is here: amongst other places.

Shit sorry should have said TAZ 5. I thought I put that in the title

Well knowing if it is a V2A, V2b, or V2C extruder would help also. but since the first two have the motor wires in a separate connector and only the V2C has all of them in one header then you can look at the wires for the “TAZ6_Extruder_Motor_Switch_Harness_EL-HR0096” on the link Tim gave you.