Taz6 update broke homing

Updated to Marlin and now the machine fails to home and will only increase in Z towards ZMax,

Connecting to Cura allows me to jog normally on Z.
Swapping to another stock toolhead resulted in no change.

I spent most of the morning searching but came up empty.
How do I troubleshoot this fault and resolve it?

Did you select your tool head from the LCD screen?

I only have standard toolheads, if my issue is related to the toolhead system is there an firmware image tailored for the 90% of taz6 owners that do not want or need that functonality?

Does it fail when running old GCODE, or are you running 3.6.38 Cura LE to slice for the new firmware?

Is it the homing upon initial power-on failing, or when run from GCODE?

Can you post a video of the machine from power on to when the failure begins?

Marlin is, I believe, the universal firmware for for multiple tool heads. I don’t know which tool head is the “default” but once you select your tool head from the LCD menu, it will become the default when you power on the printer (until you flash the firmware again).

Checking C:\Program Files (x86)\cura-lulzbot 3.6\resources\firmware on my system with CuraLE 3.6.37 shows three files that should work on the standard Single Extruder v2.1:


If you don’t want the version that CuraLE picks for you or you don’t want to select the tool head from the LCD menu, try one of the other choices.

I tried the firmware b-morgan pointed to without any luck.

Currently running Marlin_TAZ6_SingleExtruder_1.1.9.34

Power on - movement - Auto-home, Xmin triggers and Z raises to Zmax

Same situation in Cura 3.6.37 I can jog Z down without issue, but autohome cause Z-max

M119 reports all open


The firmware with Cura 3.6.x isn’t a great combination. For that firmware, it’s best to go wtih and then use the toolhead menu on the printer to make sure you’ve selected the Single Extruder (NOT THE SE 0.5!).

But it should still get the basic functions right with the firmware.

It sounds like you need to inspect the XMIN switch and wiring, and make sure they are getting activated when the toolhead hits the XMIN position.

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Well I’ve given up on Marlin. I installed Klipper and Fluidd via Kiahu on an old raspberry pi and errors are pointing me to the Y stepper driver. few hours should solve that, I guess I found a use for that dual extruder after all.

Very weird set of circumstances for this failure. I’ll report back after I reconfigure the hardware and firmware

I don`t think either of you will believe this but here it goes: I pulled the sidepanel and connecter back panel to move Y to E1 & it was already there. so I believe I have found my solution to the problem.

Are there any simple ways to modify the stock firmware for my needs? I really dont want to sink another day in this machine, but I also would like to return its original functionality and reclaim my rasberrypi.

I believe it. It explains everything well.

Modification isn’t hard if you’ve built custom Marlin before, you only need to modify pins_rambo.h to put Y back on the E1 driver. I did it back in June, so there’s a chance they even got the firmware from me. Here’s the link: Taz 6 universal e1 to y axis.hex - Google Drive

Just send it over w/Cura.

You are my hero, not only did your firmware work flawlessly it also reminds me of the situation for the future. :grinning:

This was definitely due to my poor record keeping. I have had the trio since 2016 and this machine was the only one with newer firmware, I must have fixed it and forgotten it in the chaos.

Thanks again.

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