Tazberry Pi Power

So I recently set up my Lulzbot mini to a raspberry pi and octoprint to connect wirelessly. now i am wondering if there is a way to connect the power supply of the printer to the raspberry pi so that the pi can be powered through the printer and only need 1 outlet. Any help is apprecitated

Not likely. Anything 5v off the board will like not have enough amps to power it.

You can do this with some additional hardware, a DC-DC buck converter. Use the output of the main power supply (12 or 24V) and adjust for 5V output. Here’s one on Amazon with 5A capacity, https://www.amazon.com/Adjustable-Converter-1-25-36v-Efficiency-Regulator/dp/B079N9BFZC.

Note: I have a Raspberry Pi running OctoPrint connected to my TAZ 6. I turn the printer off when I’m not using it but the RPi is always on, so this solution wouldn’t work for me.