Tapping power from somewhere?

We have setup a Raspberry Pi with OctoPrint and a Raspberry NoIr camera to monitor/take timelapses with. We also have some IR LED strips to illuminate the print bed when the room lights are off.
This setup requires three power plugs and it got me thinking: Can we tap into the Mini’s power supply to power our 12VDC light strip? That would get us down to just two plugs needed.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Been there done that :slight_smile: Check out some of the projects at my blog. The Mini has a 24V power supply that has lots of extra juice to offer. I tapped off the 24V, dropped it to 12V using a switching regulator. It powers the an arduino fan/temp monitor unit + fan. There is still plenty to spare. I suggest you also check the documentation at LulzBot http://download.lulzbot.com/Mini/ - you will find the specs for the power supply. It should also be able to support the power demands from an RPI (5V and < 1A).

Something to note. I have my RPi Octoprint server on separate power. I find I have to power on the Mini first before OctoPrint or sometimes I get a flaky connection to the RAMBO board. I think the RAMBO board needs a bit of time to boot up. If you power it all from the Mini, you may want to find a way to delay the startup of the RPi.