SD Card not using Slicer settings

I prefer to print from SD so that I dont have to always be tethered to my printer. I have been ignoring the issue up until this point. Whenever I change Slicer settings and export them to the SD the printer doesnt follow some commands

Such As:
Print Bed Temp
Nozzle Temp.
Print Speed etc

I have to manually adjust this on the printer interface. It also automatically sets “nozzle 2” to the exact temp as the bed… I dont get what is happening at all.

Have any of you ran into this at all?
TOP_export.gcode (1.58 MB)

It sounds like you’re using the generic settings in Slic3r, rather than one of the profiles found there:

Find the Slic3r configuration you’d like to use, in each material category, and download it to your computer. Import the configuration file, by going to File > Import config. Slice the model again, and save the gcode file to your sdcard or computer.

Your gcode file above, still has some of the generic default Slic3r settings, like:

; nozzle_diameter = 0.5
M104 S200 ; set temperature

If the settings you’d like to use, don’t seem to carry over to the exported gcode file, you may have some temporary Slic3r configuration profiles in your user profile folder on your computer. Try running Slic3r under a different user account to check. Please feel free to contact us at if you continue to experience setting/slicing weirdness.