Tensioner Boby Keeps Breaking

I have had the body that contains the extruder bolt break at the pivot point and i am not sure why this keeps happening. Is it my prints or heat or tightening to much?

That is probably the Extruder Idler, and they are a known failure point. The older (pre verson 1.4) idlers were slightly too narrow in one dimension, that causes them to fail prematurely. They issued a service builtin about them. You can print the latest version here: http://download.lulzbot.com/TAZ/6.02/production_parts/printed_parts/extruder_idler_block/

There is also a newer alternative version that is featured on the mini, but will fit the Taz just fine known as the “beefy” extruder block. it is stronger, but weighs slightly more. You will need to also change the latch if you use this one.


You may have your idler tension arms too tight, or the one you printed may not have had the correct interlayer bonding temperature when you printed it (for example if you printed them in abs at 230 instead of 240).

if your printer isn’t functional at the moment because of the failed idler, call Lulzbot support even if it is no longer under warranty. Since there was a service bulliten they may be willing to ship you a replacement. You can also temporarily glue it back together using acetone, plastruct plastic weld or hobby model cement.

If its the extruder body that broke, that is unusual. You can find that file here: http://download.lulzbot.com/TAZ/6.02/production_parts/printed_parts/extruder_body_hex/
Breaking there would also be due to overtight idler tension bolts.